After nearly a decade one of the most influential brands  ‘Google’ runs an ad in India end 2013, a country well soaked in Googilism and whose computer class  is living and breathing Google..

And it is an ad that showcases how technology can connect you today with someone you have lost touch a long time ago. There are no new insights to this ad, we know we can search anything in google today, we know that there are maps that lead you to any destination high and low, things are a lot more connected these days. The ad  was a very emotional capture of an everyday situation, it had interesting back story, spoke about history, friendship, reunion all the facets of a good story well told. For the average marketing fraternity, it was nothing new, nothing unusually different or captured ones imagination.

But, what was interesting, was on the day of the release of the ad, the internet was buzzing with a lot of the today’s consumer class appreciating the commercial, saying it was one of the best and that it was so true, fantastic and some even when on to saying mind blowing!

What I was wondering was that this film was not more emotional than any of the  Tanishq ads of the recent times , not captivating as some of the others, there was not much of intrigue in fact half way through the ad we knew that there was this smart girl and smart google that helps them out..but then why was this more loved and spoken about. Because that could only mean that it is one of the most memorable films of today.

And then it struck me, If this ad was done in 30 sec would it have worked, would it have been loved?

The 30 sec formula apart from it being cost effective for the advertiser was also the popular option!  because it explained the product quickly to you and you don’t lose the consumer attention. And here we are having a 90 sec film tugging every heart.

Actually today marketers believe the most effective ads are the 20 seconders for frequency, memorability and repeat viewership, but that’s not important now I guess.

It boils down to,  does the consumer want us to entertain them with brand films, that are long, deep and enduring or are they willing to invest in brands that makes them relax and keep engaging.

Just one new lesson learnt after the google experience.  Just don’t cut the long story short!

Well! this was what every  Creative Director worth one’s salt  was saying all along!!!

Don’t cut the story short! 

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