Do you ever think of one particular television series that can create a defining perception about a country? Sure there was Friends at one point that gave us the young American dream and much aspired fun and free American thinking.

But to think what Masterchef Australia has done for Australia is more than what any cookery show or a series or a movie has ever done for any country.

Today, the three lead Masterchef Gary, Matt and George are a house hold name not just  across India but across many continents.

The uniqueness about Masterchef Australia firstly is its production quality, If you are a regular Masterchef viewer you would get that instantly. The thing about the Australian version apart from the three men we love,  is the amazing camera work, lighting and the amount of effort that has gone into to presentation of food, be it the pantry or the background, the setting, the enormity of the display of food and more so the competition itself.

What is interesting is that over the years how they have made the competition more innovative and inspiring. That the latest buzz word in many housewife’s vocabulary or a foodie is that Australia is the next destination of travel .

To think that Gary, Matt and George and their respective restaurants the PressClub and the Boathouse are larger destinations that draw people today than the gold cost or the kangaroos Safari. Think about it! Again the depiction of  Australia through the show has carved itself as a beautiful country for food, good life and living…wow a tourist ministry’s dream.

So what did they do right :

  1. They had a dream and they pursued that to the hilt!

As a program they have not sacrificed anywhere, that is evident and have gone to great extents to show that they mean business, be it their food decorations, the quantity on display. They have not cut corners for the sake of production value.

  1. They constantly gave you more: More information, more new chefs,  more new ways to do a simple thing, or more new places they wanted to showcase as a backdrop for their food
  2. They are really true to their core product Food and good food: They have not moved away from the fact that they are all about food and cooking, restaurant style more than anything else
  3. Finally, they take the consumer along the journey: Every season, the consumer grows with them, they followers are like family and the show acknowledges that and takes them along that path.

Masterchef Australia is a brand well built, many mnc’s and brands strive to do just that, but this brand has been built with a strong foundation with the best ingredients any brand could aspire for.

They have introduced to us apart from the rack of lamb and coq au vin, a selection of great food, a range of chefs like Maggie beer, Heston Blumenthal, Curtis Stone…among others; brands like KitchenAid mixers and Sunbeam and Scanpan…blast chillers, home version ice cream machines!

And one would think it just a cooking show!



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