Top of mind philosophy!


Being top of mind is primary for most brands today. When you want to be top of mind, traditionalists believe you had to be an active brand, always in the media. That could be the reason why media rates on television or print are sky rocketing, with so much demand for share of voice, high clutter in media and brands need to constantly keep working on interesting creative routes to remind us!

But does the consumer really connect with the brands  in that order?Is it proportional to the spends? Case in point is toothpaste advertising …with most of the brands talking about different ways to limit bacteria in their mouth, what facet of the advertising is top of mind, the creative expression or the brand that promises better management. And is that enough to drive the consumer to reach for that particular brand when he shops next .

Similarly, what brand of dandruff shampoo, what brand of dishwasher soap or what brand of cola?

Does it mean then, that only the mighty wins, mighty in terms of media release and constant definition of creating new and exciting prospects of creative work every season.

Interestingly enough, I happen to by chance see an interesting tv brand engagement idea ( an engaging and definitive consumer awe inspiring) installation of nearly 240 led TVs at one venue at Suntec convention center, Singapore.  This installation is a permanent fixture and was at the center of the building and acted as the front facia of the convention center.  What was amazing was the sheer impact, the crystal clear imaging and display you could see. Now like most visitors at the venue I was taken aback, interested and was quite inspired by the brand LG which was the brand in question. Now I am not aware if it was initiated by the brand or by the convention center as a need …but what it did was keep LG led tv’s top of mind for me. Months later I visited India and needed an LeD tv to be bought and in India brand like Sony and Samsung rule the floor, but I was open to an LG demonstration at the store. In fact, I looked at LG on par or equivalent to the Sony’s and Samsung’s…which was not the case for me initially.

I was wondering how instantaneous I was on the choice, was left wondering, how from a very loyal Sony consumer I had chosen LG.

I did not know what were the driving factors for my choice, was I taking technology at its face value like many people…a TV is a TV no matter what brand it is! …And no! there was no LG communication that I was exposed to during the period, I was not aware of any popular brand ambassador promoting it, it was not the football or Cricket season there were no promotions. But it was just the enormous installation that LG was associated which was the engaging and impactful influence.

Was it that the brand was Top of Mind or rather top of their game!

Anita Pradeep Daniel, The Author is an independent                                                                                                                                                          Brand Professional and all views are her own and not representing any organization.

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