What’s with the Valentine’s day Hype!

Across the world, it is a retailers dream and every one does overtime when it comes to celebrating Feb 14th.  Retailers across the world are dripping in red hearts, red roses and all things associated with love.  Valentine’s day , could arguably be one of the only season where men don’t feel shy about shopping for their loved one. The idea behind Valentine’s Day is mostly misconstrued to keep sales relatable to the love struck customer! It does not mean that we need to add in interesting products that are red in color or romantic in nature; it may not be the case. The season is love and the need is to gift the loved one with something interesting, something memorable and something that is still considered romantic. If retailers concentrated on ‘gifting’ along with creating a value proposition in relation to their brand they will be home.

5 Sure shot ways to capture the valentine’s day customer for the Non-diamond target audience

  1. Create a reason to walk in to the store : Create the buzz that we welcome valentine’s day and we would like to ‘wow’ the customer on that day. Some of the brands that do a great job of this is cosmetic brands. They clearly know that every valentine wants to look good, so they actually put up their most hyped and most priced item on sale! And it works because the reason is justified, every woman wants to look great and here is a damn good reason to walk in and be one.
  2. Focus on products that are a great match for Valentine ’s Day: Valentine’s day is not a day to gift a cooking range! It’s a gift that needs to be memorable, has some sensibilities to it. It’s not a day to give a pen too! It’s too simple and does not convey the love. Stores like curio shops, accessories shops, even large supermarkets capture this well; the focus is on perfume (handy and neat), handbags, women’s accessories that are packaged and look like a great buy!
  3. Focus on bundling offers: Hampers with a bundle of stuff, a product and a range of accessories may make sense, in fact through bundling you could sell more than what you initially proposed on connecting with the customer. Again perfume brands, premium chocolatiers; even clothes retail uses this well.
  4. Create the Loyalty love card: create a reason for lovers to keep coming back to your store, cos they picked up their lovers gift at this store, use it to attract them for at least the next 6 visits that can get them a special offer at the end of it (you just need a card that can be stamped 6 times). Since lovers are constantly wanting to impress each other, their spends are not going to be lighter any time soon!
  5. Make it beyond the offer: Make it relevant, acknowledge their love journey, make it interesting for the audience, gain more likes and create reason for them to partake. For e.g. if I was a pastry outlet, create a limited edition love cake with their names and add on an Instagram contest for the most creative or most favorite couple. Or If I were a coffee shop, create a video wall that will post the most number of couples on it and create a special bond of being the brand that professed their love and made it exciting.

Love is the game and it may be lame to many but proposing in the middle of a game is still one of the most exciting proposals ever!

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