Dilwale – Heartless!


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Ok I don’t review movies, and this isn’t one, this is a case where a ‘brand’ is caught in a ‘word of mouth’ crisis. Well, all films may be, but this one is rather baseless.

In today’s day and age why are we even contemplating a thing based on someone’s choice. I can understand that in an era before social media and the Internet.

But now it’s everyone’s perspective and it’s everyone’s choice.So why base it on a review? Base it on facts!

Facebook has taught us one thing, you see, you like, after judging it yourself.You don’t hear about something and like it or not like it before seeing it or avoid seeing it. You are your own judge. And its ok to like something that may be a few thousands don’t!

So what’s the big deal with the media and the critics at large! Either there is something miserably wrong with the PR for this film or a case of overselling of an idea that fell short. But barring that I find no reason for mass attacks that it was not to expectation. BTW whose expectation is it not meeting?

Let’s talk some basics here, it’s not an art film, a culture something, not even a period film for it to stick to any norms of anything. It is clearly an SRK-Kajol entertainer and speaking of which, it is catering to whole lot of late 30’s something audience who love the duo no matter what and delve in the nostalgic reminiscences of the past. Second, of course like any movie, will try and impress on the now 20 something’s and the rest is predominantly mass oriented consumption. So to meet the said audience expectations, it is Bang for the Buck! From every angle that is!!! Also there is only so much you can do with the mass format in mind to keep it relatable, believable among other things.

So what are the critics talking about, from whose side and which angle, what is the pulse they have on this audience, No! this film will not win any award and it did not aim at it at all. This is targeted to every man and women, going through life’s mundane tasks, and would like to escape into another world for 3 hours, have some things to entertain and have something to dream about after the movie.

In fact I will put this at a different level for you, it’s a role model film, something India needs desperately, about how when you are fifty you can be dashing, young and vibrant and how Kajol has worked hard to be trim and sexy at this age giving every movie goer a new reason to hit the gym!

Simply put, it will win hearts!

It will just reiterate what a lovely endearing pair Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are, how they took effort after 15 years to grow young and vibrant just as they were in KKHH.

It is not an everyday girl meets guy story, it has its fair share of twists and turns and age relevant interesting developments.

It will blow your minds to see the effort of world-class stunts by Rohit Shetty. Yes! we see too much of his fetish for cars but then why not, it’s his movie and his entertainment, can’t he choose to show off what he thinks might be interesting?

The effort of Bulgaria, Goa and Iceland is interesting, enveloping and real nice camera work.

Some aspects that were insightful are how effortlessly Kajol acts, it’s like she is not acting. While we have seen SRK romance so many women, it’s only with Kajol that it looks believable and real (that could be my bias). They can sway, stand and just look at each other and the camera can just go around them and it makes interesting cinema, oh! That’s exactly what they have done in many places.

So to turn you away from our own cocoon, out in the world, people with normal lives have been amazingly happy about it.


Warna-Cinta-Gerua-Malay-Version-From-Dilwale-Malay-2015-500x500 2.jpg

I saw it first hand that they enjoyed every bit of it. Chinese, Malay and hard core fans from Indonesia and yes these things are well marketed out there. There is a malay version, Urdu version and don’t know how many versions out there. But at least Rohit Shetty and Team seem to ace it out on those aspects and why not? when the international market loves you, craves for SRK and looks at a film for the sheer entertainment value of it and more important appreciates it and is happy about it. Really!

So coming back, it will be a hit! Whether you like it or not!

So speaking of box office, for a 75 crore movie, a 65 crore opening weekend nationally and 56 crore Internationally for 3 days is reassurance!

If you like SRK you will watch it = 400 crore+++ Bam!

If you like SRK-Kajol you will love it = xxxx! Bam Bam!


So you can take all the reviews including this one with a pinch of salt and just go with what your heart says! Go because you are a Dilwale.

Heartless! Yes that’s for Rohit Shetty since he has suddenly left you craving for more! Until the next SRK- Kajol starrer!

Merry Xmas everyone!




The Author is the Co-founder of BLU, a Singapore based Brand and Communication Consultancy and a certified Personal Brand Strategist. She writes what touches her and what inspires her or something that is relevant to be taken note off. She focuses on Brands both products and people. All views are her own and does not represent any organisation.
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One thought on “Dilwale – Heartless!

  1. Ha ha ha.. well written as always in your inimitable style but I have to say I was one of the “Dilwale” haters- Regressive, cliched, crass and total bad humour- I may not be the critic or the expert but I am a movie-buff. I spend good money to see films. So if I have to trash it I will 🙂 🙂 I have the right !

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