Freedom! To choose or not to!


Everyone knows freedom to choose is one’s birthright, at least for those who are part of  democratic countries.

But it’s up to us to choose… right?

Ever thought about it in this fashion, we all know the meaning of “freedom of Choice” we actually defend it and we celebrate it. But what could it have actually meant in our lives? Or what is the strength it could have given us and did we actually wield its power.

The greatest thing in life is to know that you have the freedom to choose. And the happiest of occasions is when you chose; when you did that ultimate decisive act to choose something out of your own free will and went ahead with that decision.

To think of it, everything in life is a choice, choice of what to wear, what to eat, who to make friends with, to even decide which phone call to pick up and which to not answer. It’s a sign of acceptance, sign of anger and quite literally guides you to most things in life.

Advertising is in that business of helping you choose! The ability to clarify thoughts, ideas and concepts into palatable manner for a wide range of audience in an interesting and Creatively thought provoking manner.

A manner in which you move people to choose, and then keep them satiated with their choice, create enough reason for them to influence others of this choice and then literally making them choose. And of course at some point keep this loyalty towards the said choice.

When did that choice makes all the difference? Quite young is what I now feel!

You have to choose to ensure what makes you feel good, choose well to ensure you don’t regret and choose wisely to be successful!

But then why do we choose wrong in so many ways ? Is it because we don’t value that aspect of ‘freedom to choose’ or are we just taking that freedom so lightly that you think that it will be with you for ever.

In fact to think further, every time one person decided not to choose, there is someone else deciding to choose or deciding to take that choice or pushes you aside and moves forward with that choice. Then we call it ‘survival of the fittest’ !

And then it happens! The societal aspect of high and Low, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, employed and unemployed, all of it is a version of choice.

A choice not made vs a vs choice made.

So the first thing we probably should teach our generations is to choose. To make them understand that aspect of being decisive and that it is important that they understand whatever it is and choose.

Imagine if we skipped all other principles and stuck to this ultra important facet in life – what you choose matters and your choice will not be something you should evade, it is mandatory for you to have a choice on almost anything and everything.

You choose first, act next!

Maybe, it would have turned us into a more disciplined, ambitious and a righteous set of people.

Maybe, we would have the respect and inclination and the hunger to not run away from the act of choice.

Maybe, at every juncture we would have thought for ourselves, it may not need advertising companies or political campaigns to clarify, amplify or convert you towards anything.

Maybe, we would have questioned every small little thing in the world about the food we eat, or where the water went or why do we have to study engineering? or why the greatest of life’s pleasures is a roof above your head?

Maybe, it would have created some strong value systems and set a trend in the kind of clan, the kind of people we are or we should be.

Maybe, it would have made us fearless, stopped the gender stigma, made our roads pothole free and safe at night.

Maybe women would have been looked as just another gender and not objectified.

Maybe children would have created greater momentum in our lives.

And, maybe we did not need to be influenced, rehabilitated or even rejected.

Choice is the real freedom.

Freedom to be. Freedom to leap. Freedom to soar.

Its about time we gave respect to this choice. As an Indian, I feel this more now than ever.

Giving respect and diligently acting on that ‘Freedom of choice’ is true  Independence!

Do share with me your views on how we could have chosen better in the last 70 years of Independence, and how it could have made a difference.




The Author is the CEO and Founder of BLU

Brand Leverage United (BLU), a Singapore based Brand and Communication Consultancy and a certified Personal Brand Strategist. She writes what touches her and what inspires her or something that is relevant to be taken note off. She focuses on Brands both products and people. All views are her own and does not represent any organisation.

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