Why the traditional agency model is failing?


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Two reasons,

1) a false sense of pride and achievement and

2) a business model that believes in

  •   alienating the newbie/ learner
  •  boxing the creativity within a small set of people and over taxing them and
  • the shooting in the dark approach.

Just to give you a sense, let’s discuss one of the above, why do traditional agencies pitch for businesses and why is there always 3-4 ideas for the pitch? Because its shooting in the dark; because if it’s not, then how else will you explain the need to showcase your entire team, the creativity and the ideas in the very first meeting with the client (popularly known as the pitch).

This relationship begins with the premise of options or ‘the-either-or’.

I have my own part to the crime as well, but in my defense I was just conforming to tradition, to a particular ‘agency way’.

In real life,  now, many years later, I think differently. Because, in all the important things in life do we ever have a ‘either or’ situation,  think about it. Did you decide to pick your wife at the altar with two options or may be decided to buy two flight tickets and then decide which one was a better flight to board or went into surgery with two specialists standing in for you to decide. Nope! Never. It never happens, because you take definitive decisions. You take definitive efforts or rather accuracy of thought mind and action.

So as long as you keep shooting in the dark! You probably will lose out on respect, talent and the business in the long run.

But if you believe that it is not the reason, why get clingy on employees, or teams or distinction between people or cities or countries. It should not matter if your brand professional/ creative partner is working for you from the beach or from a mountain or to which city or country he/she belongs.

As long as there is accuracy of thought, mind and action. As long as there’s the freedom to think, freedom to perform and freedom to be original. And more importantly if one is valued for that accuracy in creativity and paid the right price for the same.

So, the age of boxed agency cultures is a fad and will have a steady decline. They may probably make it into a process driven factory with a workforce kind of approach, but that was not what the creative industry stood for or supposed to be. Breaking free into super specialists and experts who live their dream are the way to go. It’s just more truthful, authentic and ideas from across the world is the way to go!

So get future ready, what’s your super specialty? And are you an expert in it? Write to me about it.


The Author is the CEO and Founder of BLU

Brand Leverage United (BLU), a Singapore based Brand and Communication Consultancy and a certified Personal Brand Strategist. She writes what touches her and what inspires her or something that is relevant to be taken note off. She focuses on Brands both products and people. All views are her own and does not represent any organisation.
www. Anitapradeep.com



One thought on “Why the traditional agency model is failing?

  1. Accuracy of thought and action will have to be on both sides- both the clients and the agency- In defence of the agency, they can only shoot in the dark if the client is vague which is most often the case. The client should recognise their own limitations and give full freedom of creativity for the agency to perform- A synergy between the two and mutual trust is crucial…. Else everyone will only continue shooting the dark !

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