Ten doable things for 2018!

Ok, I am not a firm believer of resolutions since it sounds finite and when you define them as New Year Resolutions, it feels like it starts and ends at the first week of the new year.

I would rather believe in something that can help me feel better the entire year.

So here are ten things that can help you feel excellent, exalted and give you that great stride in your step. And I guess that’s still something that is better to be resolute.

  1. Believe in your genius-ness

You are the best judge of your vision and your thought process if you are convinced about it and believe in the essence of it. You have every right in the rulebook to accept it and live it by your rules.

History has enough examples of how self-belief has created great ideas, monuments, sports mavericks or just visionary ideas that have stood the test of time. Believe in your view, vision and pursue it to the hilt. Even if, no one believes in it.

No one, I repeat, no one has the right to deter you from your idea.

2. Be positive, motivate talent and ideas instead of being a critic

Nothing moves people than motivation, a pat on their back, that acknowledgement that you have heard them out and believe in what they are saying can create better results. Watch them better their idea when you give them your point of view after you have appreciated them.

3. Stay away from anyone who is sucking away your energy

Just not worth your time and energy. When someone repeatedly does not get the big picture and is continuously being a spoke in the wheel or negative voltage to your process, move away indefinitely. Sorry! But you have got to be sane and can’t risk that process in any way.

4. Inspire as you go, every day, each day.

The one thing we have in our control is being nice, the ability to inspire and be thankful. These three things encourage the people around you in many ways.

How many times we have thanked the doorman, or asked your driver what his hobbies were or requested your helper what is his/her future goal and helped them with it.?

 5. Do one Random act of kindness

The ultimate form of self-motivation and happiness comes from this. Just one a day, give a beauty tip to a hostess, help someone with a reference on the go, or just give up your window seat on a plane! Yes, random acts don’t always have to be the upliftment of the downtrodden or helping the aged cross the road. It can even be that you give up a taxi for someone who you believe needs it more than you do.

 6. Face change, accept and be fearless at it

Change has always been a subject of caution. But change can bring about a lot of new strengths you had and allow you to shed the weaknesses and trust me you will be shocked at how much you are capable. When you move out of your comfort zone, you thrive.

 7. Be the kindest person you can be.

Everyone is going through a battle; no one is having it easy. Why can’t you be that ray of hope for that person? At least you can try.

8. Measure your success by the impact

Yes! The social impact you are creating or the positive impact you are aiming.If your actions can create impact more than just the job you are supposed to deliver. Or able to open new possibilities for your clients or your friends, great!

 9. Continue to be ‘value’ obsessed with your clients

Still, on the subject of happiness, there is a direct correlation to the value you deliver to your clients, friends, associates. It needs excellent practice to ensure that ‘value’ does not get you bust. It is a practice that will define your craft, and the iconic associated benefits are priceless.

10. Keep your promises. Your credibility is your everything.

There is nothing in this world that is more important than your word. You say it; you stick to it. If you have a micro chance that you may not be able to hold to it, don’t Say. A man’s word defines the person, the truth inside. And if by any chance you have erred, have the strength to come clean, smart wordplay or justifying a way to rework on what you said vs always meant never works and it only shows an offensive side of you. And it’s just not worth to be a smart aleck on this one.

IMG_5221.JPGSo, that’s that. Ten options that can make yourself feel good and give you that little extra air under your feet. BTW you will feel the difference if you do just one!


Have a glorious 2018.

Write to me about what works for you:)

The Author is the CEO and Founder of BLU

Brand Leverage United (BLU), a Singapore based Brand and Communication Consultancy and a certified Personal Brand Strategist. She writes what touches her and what inspires her or something that is relevant to be taken note off. She focuses on Brands both products and people. All views are her own and do not represent any organization

www. Anitapradeep.com





4 thoughts on “Ten doable things for 2018!

  1. Love it! 2 thoughts that hit home are “be the kindest person you can be” and “measure success by impact “. Thanks Anita for the inspiration!

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