TSK – Completes your Pongal!




If you are expecting a typical review or spoiler alert of the story here, sorry, this is just a clear directive on why? If you are a South Indian and you watch Tamil / Telugu movies; You should not miss #ThaanaSerndhaKootam AKA #TSK! This Pongal!

And if, you are one of those dismissive that this is a remake of #Special26, well! You are massively misplaced judgement can make you want to check this out most positively, since yes, it is the #NeerajPandey plot, with twists and insights only possible by

#VigneshShivn and possibly the most brilliant set of technicians that have made this cinema a timeless entertainer.

A charmingly simple Suriya, simplicity at its best, his natural self-overtakes the Singam that we know of.
The wait for the Suriya you wanted to see is over. Effortlessly parades in, the Suriya movie where the actor, used for his versatility, his multi-skill nature of romantic hero yet the boy next door image, the Tamil-uber-smart-cookie image of intelligence with humour. This movie has the Suriya that you yearn to see from 10 years back. Easily, getting into his lover boy charm. Case in point, the song ‘Naana Thaana’ keeps the audience rapt not wanting to miss any of his moves, his presence.
Honestly, the screen presence of Suriya is overwhelming and is the most prominent draw here.
Nice to see Keerti, slim and grim, though, but…

Every frame in this Vignesh Sivan film is picture perfect.
Every character pulls off very precise acting, simplistic, natural dialogues.

What a cast! One hour into the movie when you see Karthik, you think Vignesh is the most exceptional strategist of all times. It’s similar to the precision of creating an ad film, first Suresh Menon and then Karthik, Nandha, every actor is terrific. Thambi Ramiah is his formidable best, Senthil, its taken him so long to be back, Sathyan with his demure yet precise timing. RJ Balaji, his exit and entry syncs like an ios product!
And it takes a great lead actor to straddle all of this and that is the #TheGreatestShowmanship you see coming out of Suriya in this movie. Especially in an era when heroes are shedding away from their skins and trying out new genres and crazy youngish body language, and yet fail to succeed.

The beauty of frugal dialogues, fantastic timing sense, creating memorability for every actor cast, brings out the brilliance of the Director, the kind of talent that comes to the fore in the Tamil movie industry in 2018. And that is awe-inspiring.

The only thing with Tamil movies that I don’t understand is why? They don’t want to build it up to that ‘wow’ early on the film but in the middle … roughly around … 30 mins into the movie. Quite possibly because Tamil cinema is approximately 2 hours plus and it may be difficult to keep the audience rapt.

The parts where Vignesh hits the ball out of the park or beyond Special 26, are far too many. Quirk only possible by multi-lingual brilliance, for example, is the
“Nenu chepthanu” angle and dialogue which brings out the genius-ness of cross-cultural comedy brought out beautifully and a fantastic improvisation that gives this version a beautiful adaptation of the original Special26 scenario. or even ‘Vayila vetchiru..’ a brilliant adaptation technique.

It would not be wrong to say that some #AmirKhan fans would see Suriya come off as the #Amir of the South thanks to this movie. Shades of seasoned strength, effortless charm and dedication to the work marks the similarity.
Ramya Krishnan is undoubtedly a delight for sore eyes, clearly overshadowing any heroine at this age.

A light-hearted comedy, a social message and amazingly well-timed music breaks and needless to say delightfully picturesque locales and camerawork for the songs.
The technical prowess of the film stands out with the excellent moves – be it choreography, costumes or even set/ location selection and a dapper quotient that comes through thanks to the one and only Anirudh @anirudhofficial.

It brings the most significant social evil of our times and highlights the age-old belief of Govt Jobs, the masses reliance on the safety of regular jobs, corruption mounting and targeting more substantial issues and then you remind your self that its set in the 80’s and then again! Except for the absence of mobile phones, this could have been at any time.

‘Peela.. Peela’a retro icebreaker that captures all the quirks of the era. Heist or Oceans 7 or even Bond, we got it all!
In the latter half, it gets social oriented but nicely treated, delightful for the Tamil audience compared to so much ‘over the top’ faux pas’ we see in recent Tamil cinema even with top heroes at play!
#TSK is Clearly, sensible, engaging and entertaining.

The arrogance of ‘the common man’ fury! It is beyond the hypothetical prolific and the bureaucratic.
It’s believable, relatable and gives you the satisfaction of ‘Blood boiling’ perspective.

Complete entertainment package – Pongal eye candy everybody! Catch it at a theatre near you!  You gotta celebrate with that Pongal movie:)
And tell me what you think? Fan or not!
Its good cinema and its worth the discussion.


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