Of grit and glory – Soorarai Pottru; a story that had to be retold and rightfully so now.

Of fierce persistence. Intense hard work. Relentless optimism leading to big aspirations.

When Maara, the hero, walks in with a dream to transform aviation connectivity to remote villages in India, it was an ignored need even at a time when aviation was at its peak.
A purposeful vision to serve the underserved, to bring connectivity to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’, and it makes you stop and think of the genius of the real feat. Because today we are still at it as a nation and lauded for even trying, while this was a single man’s struggle to bring meaningful change.

So they tell you dream projects are passionately nurtured. This dream project the original with Captain GR Gopinath or the reel envisioned by director Sudha Kongara has made this magically awe-inspiring for the common man.
Each and every struggling, heartbroken, lost soul turns aspiring, ambitious and strong.
This is a different kind of Covid Rescue Package in the world filled with confusion, a continuous pause and caution.

After the first 10 mins, you cannot think of any other mass hero replacing this performance. Suriya (Maara) has just owned this portrayal, wins the hearts of millions fighting his way to the top by the next 2 hours.
This is a performance benchmark that would be tough to beat by many, even Suriya.

‘Soorarai pottru’ is a testimony to ‘break free’
Break free from self-doubt.
Break free from stereotypes.
Break free from the ordinary.

The clarity and the connect is possible because of the amplification by Sudha in the reel version. The meticulous detailing that the director would have gone through in that journey is evident in every little detail, screenplay, dialogues or even the angle of shots. You still keep wondering how many takes it would have taken to capture Urvashi and Suriya both distraught at the loss of the father, but an incredibly important scene to establish the hero’s hunger. Technically this movie has catapulted the original achievement propping and giving Captain Gopinath the real applauds he deserves. And the fact that it was released on OTT is another amplification of fair viewership and accessibility to all.

A journey that is not an ordinary feat, persevering for the better.
And not long ago, it was just a decade back and to think that it was an India that was booming but had its setbacks and many of present-day Indias’ achievements probably should give onus to this remarkable but forgotten triumph.

So, thank you, Captain, thank you Sudha and thank you Suriya and 2D; your life’s purpose of inspiring, educating and leading the way is proven.
In fact, in some of our lives, this remarkable piece of art would help us go back and access our talents and push us to be a captain in our lives.

Does all of this come from a movie, of course, why not!
Let’s not forget how Netflix ‘Money Heist’ motivated us, made us part of a fictional revolution and ensured we stay content at the peak of March 2020.

2020 became the year the world went searching for a reason, a year has gone by searching for a purpose, and that’s what makes this release an exciting proposition to my countrymen.

There are many biopics, some are patriotic, some are just inspiring, but #SooraraiPottru is something that every entrepreneur, marketeer should watch, now, during the rise of the experience economy.

Because this is set in a time when you did not have digital businesses, you did not have your smartphones, the digital economy and you did not ‘low-cost’ anything. And the rise of all this began with one historical event —the event of #simplyfly.

A vision to achieve, an idea to collaborate, a vision to bring context and relevance – something marketing folks across the world is struggling. A case study for thinking out of the box and out of the scope. And how you reinvent when pushed to a corner. Literally, when you have nothing to lose, you are fearless and win.

Without this realism and without the meticulous portrayal, be it in the films art sets, the sepiaish colour of the film or the balance of a rural slang this may not have created the punch.
Sudha has shown a particular vision and dedication that many men can’t, she has stayed interested and focused till the last frame. And that takes courage, sacrifice, a lot of setbacks and so much of extra effort.
Yes, for all the feminists out there who say we can do what any man can do, take it from another, we have to do a lot more on the side. And here is excellent inspiration in front of us of what can be achieved on the side, creator par excellence.

This magic extends right from the superb choice of cast, of performance artists who made every role memorable. Be it MohanBabu, Urvasi, Paresh Rawal or Kaali Venkat it is just right people at work. A shout out to all the KK (aka KrishnaKumar) fans, the one man who brought back the top gun, airforce fan cravings to life. He was the one link to anything flying, style, trim, tall-dark-handsome in this film. Since we were long lost with #Maara and his performance, we did not care that he didn’t fly too much, by the 42nd minute, his goal is our goal.

Sudha and her choice of this ruggedly looking fierce portrayal of women are relatable since it beautifully shows the innate nature of every South Indian woman and her struggle to overcome the glamorous with mind and action. The choice of Aparna Balamurali actually paid off well.

While all of this is pacing you through, you are lost in this entire journey serenading in GV’s music. The compositions, ethereal, subtle, not overpowering but an inevitable ebb flowing and edging us through the 2 hours plus feat. #GVPrakash and his hidden talents is a whole new blog in itself, I may not do justice here. And every once in a while, I guess for friends he pulls out mastery.

And coming back to Maara! #Suriya pulls that entire film through with the subtle simplicity, raw emotions and gushing depiction of that entrepreneurial impatience at his best.
This man is aged wine, in fact, the ‘Penfolds Grange Hermitage 1975’.. and is proving to us that as he ages it’s a pure pleasure.
In a career spanning 25 years for this actor, it was a refreshingly new and incredibly brilliant of Suriya to have completely shed his image, his mass hero stance, opened out to the audience and debuted as Maara.
This creative journey for an actor of Suriya’s forte shows the sheer brilliance and years of refinement.

Suriya you have now become irreplaceable, becoming untouchable for a reason. My humble advice to all the eminent directors out there, let’s not have this man shouting at evil criminals anymore.
He is becoming legendary in showcasing strength, hard work and smart thinking. Use him to uplift the nation, economy and hearts. Hearts for sure, every 90′ kid have been giving those swag looks since the movie released and the Gen XY are in awe about how fine wine could be delightfully sophisticated.

So yep, not your usual movie review, it’s more a reason why today’s marketeers, brand specialists, advertising gangs and business folks should take inspiration, to think out of the box and watch this piece of art.

What’s better still, reliving the story in 2020, will remind you about yourself and your own purpose.

Watch it on Amazon Prime, there are subtitles and see what’s made 55 million people walk with a spring under their feet since its release.

Hoo Roo from down under!

The better movie is what we always hope for. And here is one and it must be written about. This is a journey of an entrepreneur who built India’s first and largest low-cost airline.
Maara is the actor portrayal of Captain Gopinath’s Air Deccan journey.
A biopic based on the book Simply fly: A Deccan Odyssey.
Filled with rich anecdotes of everyday struggles and joys, this is the awe-inspiring story of Captain G.R. Gopinath played by Suriya with such swag and simplicity that in the last 25 years of watching Suriya, this was delightfully elegant and awe-inspiring.


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