Keep Walking! Sunder Ramu!

The things people do these days!
Not long ago I met an interesting guy who was interviewing a close friend. I later realised it was more of a chat of sorts and that he does a chat a day with a beautiful lady… This lady is a new acquaintance or someone he knows in the passing, but not spent time with in the true sense to know them well enough.
Interestingly the lady has to buy him food and give him a good 40 mins of conversation.
So Sunder Ramu the man in question seems to be a dreamer, he is into photography, acting, has a gallery among other things and to add to all the excitement,  he is having interesting conversations with one beautiful lady a day – that’s 365 ladies a year on a good wicket.
Much to the awe of the men I know who I bounced off this idea to and the jealousy of the beautiful women I know who have not come across our “365newdates” Sunder, it’s indeed a lot of hard work from his part. Think about it! To keep his audience rapt in conversation and doing the speel day after day, the task is incredible, since he has to keep the conversation true, open out equally to the lady as much as she diverges, and there is this thing about being engaging and interesting😢 the only thing is that, there is no fear of being repetitive.
The idea is as novel as what a brand of beer can stand for! Or what Johnnie Walker meant by keep walking! Apart from being irreverent, unconventional, daring and a free thinker it’s what many things or many people can’t do or stand for.
I never thought for once that a person can create a campaign-able idea for himself and keep at it differently. Did this start as someone’s dare or was it just to meet interesting women, whatever be the origination point I guess Sunder is in a better place than when he started!

But just to pull back a little, this is happening in a country where we feel women are belittled and give little respect to! So I guess going by that thought, he has to get an award for keeping this special gesture from his part going. In giving one women every day a special moment under the sun, so they can feel admired, inspired and feel good about themselves. It is what boyfriends miss, husbands mess up and Namma Hero Sunder has just the ability to keep it going in true class, vibrance and style. And completely original while at it. If you are his Facebook follower, you will  notice  that he has no reservations,  cast no bar/ age no bar they just have to be beautiful and before you jump into beauty being skin deep, it’s the inner beauty he concentrates and their other beauty radiates by what he has captured both as conversations and beautiful pictures.

So why am I impressed about this? For one its a truly original idea, he keeps women happy for a change and making a difference in the entire gamut of a date. That even ‘this’ prevails and it is clean and merry. He has met young girls, mothers, auntys, celebrities, common people, a watermelon vendor, someone’s house keeper, friends and acquaintances and sometimes purely people he is inspired at first sight. That’s as adventurous it can get.
To think of all the insights and interesting nuances he will be getting out of it, that he could actually be a ready reckoner on the subject of women personalities or stereotypes that brands constantly clamour to know. What rich knowledge. Obviously!
The interesting part is they say that the energy and positivity that a woman radiates is amazing needless to say could be precisely when they discovered that a women is behind a man’s success, then, imagine the success 365 women are giving this one man!
Kudos and Bravo Sunder Ramu! Keep the good dates going! You are truly Authentic! And you have made yourself indispensable and incredibly happy at that!

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The Author is the Co-founder of BLU, a Singapore based Brand and Communication Consultancy and a certified Personal Brand Strategist. She writes what touches her and what inspires her or something that is relevant to be taken note off. She focuses on Brands both Products and People. All views are her own and does not represent any organisation.

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